Sugarpova – Brilliant Branding

Sugarpova brings a new level of sophistication and quality to the gummy candy market, without losing sight of the playful nature of the product. The brand needed to communicate this balance by being fashionable, fresh and fun, just like Maria Sharapova. They designed a unique lip shape that can be altered to convey the many attitudes of the brand – chic, cheeky, silly, sassy, flirty, quirky, spooky, and smitten – corresponding with different shapes and flavors of the gummies themselves. They art-directed a photo shoot and designed the Sugarpova packaging and a Magento e-commerce site, all of which prove that gummies aren’t just for kids!









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2012: The Year of Electric Driving | Tesla Motors

Tesla designs and manufactures electric vehicles and EV powertrain components. Tesla’s products include the Tesla Roadster and the Tesla Model S, available in 2012. Tesla’s goal is to produce increasingly affordable electric cars to mainstream buyers.
Tesla’s advanced electric powertrain delivers exhilarating performance. Unlike the internal combustion engine with hundreds of moving pieces that spark, pump, belch, and groan, the Tesla motor has only one moving piece: the rotor. As a result, Model S acceleration is instantaneous, like flipping a switch. Hit the accelerator. In 5.6 seconds, Model S is traveling 60 miles per hour, without hesitation and without a drop of gasoline.