What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees at Night (from ISS)

Aboard the ISS, we fly along over Earth’s luminous nocturnal landscapes, with Dr. Justin Wilkinson (astronaut) as our guide. This intimate tour takes us over cities and coastlines in the Americas, the Middle East and Europe. Continue reading “What an Astronaut’s Camera Sees at Night (from ISS)”

The Best Tools To Create Web Design Wireframes

There are lots of ways to create Wireframes. It all depends upon the amount of money you wish to invest. Most of the times, you will not require much tools. There are certain designers who make use of tools such as Power Point and Illustrator to create wireframes. When you use tools, your job becomes simpler. Moreover, you can save a lot of time and the outcome is worth commending. There are lots of tools available in the market. However the challenge lies in identifying the right one for your needs. With the following tools, you can create wireframes of your choice.
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Zeal ION HD Video Camera Goggle

Zeal Optics have just released the revolutionary ZEAL iON HD camera goggle. When hitting the slopes, this is the perfect accessory for documenting your adventures. The goggle features a built in HD camera capable of shooting 8 megapixel HD photos, and capturing 1080p HD quality video. The camera is controlled by glove-ready buttons on the side of the frame, allowing you to easily capture your memories without having to take your gloves off!

ion hd camera

Goggle Features
>> Anti-Fog Infused Lens Process
>> Impact Resistant Frame Technology
>> High Density Lens Technology
>> 100% UV Protection
>> Helmet Compatible
>> Dual Strap Adjustments
>> Optimum™ Lens

ion hd camera

Camera Features
>> Captures 1080p & 720p HD quality video
>> Shoots 8 megapixel HD photos
>> 170-degree wide angle camera lens
>> Camera automatically adjusts for light levels and has infinity focus
>> Utilizes an in-goggle viewfinder
>> Controlled by glove-ready buttons on the side of the frame
>> Rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a three-hour run time, depending on usage
>> Easily integrates with all social media outlets to share your memories

ion hd camera


ion hd camera


ion hd camera


SolarMonkey Adventurer, Portable Solar Charger

The SolarMonkey Adventurer is a rugged, slimline, and portable solar powered charger with internal battery. This is an essential gadget for your next big adventure helping you keep your important gadgets fully charged. The device features 2 solar panels and a 2500 mAh internal battery capable of charging an iPhone up to 2 times! Also included is a handy carabineer for attaching to tents or rucksacks, plus 5 adaptor tips, 1 USB cable, and a resistant neoprene travel case.

Product Features

  • Power up your gadgets whenever or wherever with the SolarMonkey Adventurer
  • A unique slimline solar powered charger with integrated battery
  • Solar Panels have been designed with advanced MPPT Technology for maximizing solar power
  • Powerful 2500 mAh internal battery can fully charge an iPhone up to 2 times
  • Extra safe and durable because of the auto-load, self-sensing charge optimisation technology

Blackberry Playbook – The Advantages of Getting One

The tablet market has seen many innovations in the products from the competitors. You can know about each tablet by visiting your nearest gadget or mobile phone store. However, you have to make sure you know about each tablet’s specification, performance and features before choosing one.

Blackberry playbook is one of the gadgets I like the most. The company though is not very much in the spot light at the moment for some reason but I still hear rumors on its comeback in the market with competitive gadgets in the line of smart phones and tablets. The company RIM (Research in Motion), was one of the first to come out with a QWERTY keypad and touch screen smart phones in 1999, and since then, the Blackberry name was in spotlight. Blackberry also revolutionised email on-the-go for us. Until iPhone came, the company had more than 51% share in the global market for the smart phones and tablets. It needed time to revive after its downfall, and I think it deserved the 5 years’ time, to come out with the Blackberry 10 series next year.


Blackberry is still doing a good business with its Curve, Pearl, Bold and Torch series etc. I like the playbook best as it is one of the top tablets around, with exceptions to its features matching up the now launched tablets by competitors. Some of the features of this delicate yet smart gadget are as follows:

1) The view and edit MS tools like Word and Excel bring closer the user to his Playbook.  You will actually be able to use the full features of the tools in comparison to many other tablets.

2) The mobile office suite not only helps get the work done while on the move, but you can also make use of it to store data online. No wonder the cloud servicing became so common after this feature.

3) Plug in the device into projector or TV output and you will be able to make out a cinema house in your own home. You can view the pictures, videos and other stuff from the playbook on to the big LCD screen.

4) The separate Bluetooth keyboard does the trick for you. You can now use the wireless keyboard with it, without nay ambiguity. The tablet will undertake many office tasks that you would normally need a laptop to carry out.

5) The app store for Playbook and other Blackberry devices will help you find all the apps you need for working and entertainment. Yes, the app world was not that strong but seeing the demand of the users in the current time, the company has made sure that for such devices and for the 10 series, the app store is equipped with the best-featured apps and games.

Such devices sure need protection. With huge technological interventions, you need finding out what protects the gadgets best. The accidental damage protection, anti-theft safety etc., all will come only with one feature. Buy insurance for your gadget. Yes, covers and cases may do the trick, but insurance will have the reimbursement policy in case of any kind of damage and theft.

If you are looking for reliable gadget insurance then Protect your bubble insurance would be a best choice.

Lockitron – Keyless Entry Using Your Phone

Lockitron let’s you lock or unlock your door from anywhere in the world

Any smartphone can use Lockitron through it’s intuitive two-button app. With Lockitron you can instantly share access with your family and friends. Lockitron lets you see if your door is locked when you’re gone. It will send a notification when your child unlocks the door using their phone or key.


iPhone 5 in Comparison to SIII, Lumia and HTC Phones

Apple has brought out the iPhone 5 now and it is the buzz around. The flat screen with the 4 inches retina display is one thing to get amazed for. The other things are its camera quality, the beat features Siri and Safari and the anti-glare glass.  Some of the users of Samsung devices know that they will have to bear with the huge switching cost if they bought iPhone, as the Samsung Galaxy SIII is as competitive as the iPhone 5 is. Although the other competitors like Nokia, Sony, HTC etc are coming out with good gadgets too, I bet it is going to be fun when the Nokia Lumia 920 will come around.

Nokia Lumia is a Windows 8 phone, half the size of a good tablet and has all the features to die for. The iPhone 5 has to be competitive enough to beat that as well. At the end, however, the users are benefitted with such rivalry as they get the best cell phones, laptops, tablets and other gadgets out of such market players.

The features of iPhone 5 are as follows for you to realism what you really want to buy when you compare the features with the SIII and the HTC, and Nokia Lumia 920 (coming in November 2012):

1) The set is 20% slimmer and 18% lighter than its predecessors are.

2) It is probably the lightest of all cell phones in the market.

3) The ultra fast Wi-Fi connection will help you download good stuff from the iTunes and the other third party app stores as well.

4) It has 12% lesser volume as that of the iPhone 4 or any other mart phone. It has a metallic back, but that does not count towards the overall weight of the phone.

5) The aluminum body has been made with anti scratch material so you know you can keep it without iPhone 5 cases and covers. However, I would still say, keep it safe.

6) The length of the iPhone helps you to look for another row of icons in the menu without scrolling up and down. This means that with a much bigger screen, you will also be able to play all those games and the apps will be used, that you were not able to use while you had the pixel issue in the previous cell phones.

7) The battery life has been extended with at least 20% of the charging now. You will be able to sue the battery for longer period. The more the merrier.

8) The downloading speed with the LTE 4G is almost 100 percent as that of the other networks like 3G, HSPA, DC-HSDPA etc.

9) Although it is still behind the rest of the phones like SIII, which does not require Bluetooth for data transference, its Bluetooth feature has been installed now, as you needed an app for that in the previous iPhones.

That is all you need to know for the iPhone 5. You can choose your pick, SIII, HTC phones, the Lumia 920 in November or this.

Tried and Tested Bowling Apps

There seems to be an App for everything these days.  Whether its tracking your fitness endeavours, getting recipe ideas or recording your sleep patterns, smartphones can revolutionise your life.

Hit a strike with these tried and tested bowling apps:


Action Bowling:

Action Bowling is the arguably the best app around for a virtual game of bowling.  With over 30 million downloads, this is the hot favourite and most feature packing bowling game on iOS.  It not only features 12 outrageous bowling locations and 36 unique custom bowling balls but also give you options to create your own custom ball from camera snapshots or photo library – great for the avid bowler!

You can also listen to your own music whilst playing and there are 4 distinct bowling style settings and 3 different ways to bowl, to achieve your desired manoeuvre.  There is also a feature which enables you to play against friends as well as a practice mode so you can warm-up.  There’s also exquisite 3D graphics, fantastic sound effects, detailed tracking of your scores and extensive bowling trivia to test your bowling knowledge.

Midnight Bowling:

Developed by Gamesloft, this app has been lauded a triumph.  Not only is this app easy to use it will transport you to the coolest bowling alleys on the planet.  With electrifying 3D graphics, instinctive controls enabling awesome tricks and spins at your fingertips, you are able to immerse yourself in this virtual bowling heaven.

Other features include: the ability to challenge and play with 3 of your friends, option to change location and opponents and the ability to customise your bowling ball and outfits.


TheO Ball:

One of the coolest apps I’ve stumbled across is TheO ball which is the brains of Physical Apps.  Described as an innovative, smart ball, this entertainment package combines a foam ball the size of a bowling ball with smartphone apps that use the accelerometers built into most smartphones.  Woah woah woah! you’re thinking…in English please!

So the accelerometers is an in-built device which measures and accurately records acceleration.  In order to use, simply download TheO apps into your iOS or Android phone, embed it securely into the centre of the foam ball and away you go.  Whilst most people may not be comfortable throwing their precious smartphone across the room, don’t worry TheO ball has it covered – literally!  It has been tried and tested, having been thrown from 4 storeys up and survived.  TheO bowling app communicates via Wi-Fi to a laptop or smart HDTV.  All you need to do is roll the ball at the TV to see your shot down the lane.

Physical Apps are dedicated to making fun apps which get both kids and adults moving.  Taking advantage of the unique features of smart devices such as acceleration sensing, direction and motion sensing plus sound and Bluetooth capabilities allowing TheO to link with additional accessories, Physical apps bring a new and innovative twist to the world of mobile gaming through physical games and activities.

Source: Bowling Concepts.

5 Essential Gadgets for the Savvy Traveller

There is no better feeling than arriving at the airport and setting off for climates new and travelling the globe is without question one of the most invigorating things a person can do. However, there are few things worse than arriving there to find that you’re missing a vital bit of kit which could have made you’re travels all the better.

Well, hopefully this list of 5 essential travel gadgets will help to prevent any “I wish I had a……” moments when you’re travelling around the world.

Up First – Solar Powered Appliance Charger:

Price £30-40 Approx – If you’re travelling anywhere with even a modicum of sunshine then this handy device will certainly be a lifesaver to stuff into your backpack. It will be capable of charging most portable devices such as phones, iPods, cameras and Kindles when left in sunlight and it is a stylish and durable piece of kit that just cries out to be added to any savvy traveller’s list of essential items on their pre-departure checklist. It is an eco-friendly and energy efficient bit of technology and is a small price to pay for something so useful.

Find this product at www.ethicalsuperstore.com.

Up Next – Digital Camera for Travelling:

Price £200 Approx – When you’re actually travelling around a country from place to place as opposed to a package holiday for two weeks in the same place, it is important to find a camera which is fit for purpose – such as the Olympus SP-620UZ above. It is fairly lightweight, durable and provides exceptional picture quality for all those travelling snaps that you are sure to take. When travelling new places it is great fun to document all the new sights and sounds that you encounter so it is a good idea to have a digital camera that provides great quality photos but which doesn’t take up a whole lot of space in your rucksack.

You can find this Olympus camera online from Currys UK.

Third in our List – Something to Read:

Price – £100-200 Approx – If you’re travelling a country for a few months at a time, there will inevitably be times when you’re by yourself but, as the saying goes, ‘you’re never alone with a good book’ – so it is a good idea to invest in a portable reading device, such as a Kindle, when travelling solo or indeed with friends. It isn’t viable, of course, to take a bunch of actual books with you when travelling which is why portable reading devices are such a god-send. Load it up with a fair amount of books of different genres because you don’t want to be reading the same things the whole time you’re away and you’ll be good to go.

Kindles are available from Amazon.

Penultimate in our List – Batteries:

Obviously, not the most glamorous of things to pack into your travelling bag but essential nonetheless. You never know when or where you’ll require batteries when travelling around various different locales around the world, so it is better to be safe than sorry and throw a few packs of batteries in alongside your other travel essentials.

You can batteries online from Budget Batteries.

Last But Not Least – GPS System:

Price £250 Approx – Obviously the requirement for this sort of heavy duty GPS device will be dependent on the type of travelling that you intend to do. If you are heading into the wilds away from civilisation, something like the Delorme GPS and Texting device above may well come in incredibly handy. So, if you’re planning a hike through Yellowstone Park in the USA or into the wilds of Africa, it will definitely be a good idea to have one of these safely nestled in your belongings just in case.

Find this device online at Delorme.